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 St.Mark’s & St. Andrew’s Salisbury

Rev. Andrew Bousfield has been appointed as Vicar and will join us on Wednesday 14th November.

He is currently at the Ascension Church Patcham (Brighton).

Rev.Jill Offer

Rev. Diane Roberts

Churchwardens: Charles Dew-Jones & Jo King (St.Mark’s) Sue Gallagher & Mary Terry (St. Andrew’s)

Past Parish registers etc. are held in the County Archives http://history.wiltshire.gov.uk/community/getchurch.php?id=478

Histories of St.Mark’s & St.Andrew’s can be downloaded here.

About us

St.Mark's past St.Andrew's past

St.Mark’s and St. Andrew’s is an Anglican (Church of England) Parish in the Diocese of Salisbury. Styles of worship differ between the two churches with St Mark’s carrying a more informal approach and St Andrew’s a more traditional.  You will find a warm welcome at both churches.  The ministry you encounter in both of our churches is evangelical in flavour, with an emphasis on preaching and teaching from God’s Word and a concern to be daily led by God’s Spirit.

Core values

Rachel Beswick (St A) (Elected 2017 for 1 year)

Jill Browning (St M) (Co-opted 1 year)

Liz Bunting (St A) (Elected 2016 for 3 years)

Debi Coveney (Treasurer) (Co opted)

Charles Dew Jones (Churchwarden St M) (Elected 2017)

Alan Ely (Deanery Synod) (Diocesan Synod) (Electoral Roll Officer) (Elected 2017 for 3 years)

Bryan Evans (St A) (Elected 2016 for 3 years)

Vacancy  (Vicar)

Sue Gallagher (Churchwarden St A)

Elected 2017

Nicky Gowenlock (St A) (Elected 2017 for 3 years)

Sarah Hardy (St M) (Elected 2017 for 3 years)

Steve Hardy (St M) (Elected 2017 for 3 years)

Edward Haycock (Youth & Children Minister) (Co-opted)  

Jo King (Deanery Synod) (Elected 2017 for 3 years)

Churchwarden (St M) (Elected 2017)

Linda Knapp (Deanery Synod) (Elected 2017 for 3 years)

Laura Lawrence (St A) (Elected 2017 for 2 years)

Pauline Munns (St M) (Elected 2016 for 3 years)

Jill Offer (Associate Priest)

Joan Prior (St A) (Elected 2015 for 3 years)

John Read (St A) (Elected2015 for 3 years)

Diane Roberts (Associate Priest)

Amanda Robertson (St M) (Elected 2016 for 3 years)

Maureen Snook (Secretary) (St M) (Elected 2017 for 3 years)

Mary Terry (Churchwarden St A)

(Elected 2017)

 The ‘official’ title of the Parish is ‘Salisbury St.Mark &  Laverstock St. Andrew’ Charity No.1141301

Mission Action Plan